“Unable to create virtual directory” error message in Visual Studio 2010

The error from IIS are sometimes baffling, such as this one:

Unable to create the virtual directory. Could not find the server ‘http://localhost/xxxx’ on the local machine. Creating a virtual directory is only supported on the local IIS server.

There isn’t a single cause for this error, rather there are many different ones. The particular problem I have experienced was due to the incorrect binding in the IIS configuration. Since I connect via the mobile internet device, my IP changes on every connect. And since I have published my site to be available to the outside world, I had to put my IP in the binding at some point, as seen on the following image:

The solution to this seemingly different problem is in the incorrect IP address. The IP Address field should either be blank or set to the correct address. The actual problem is not clear from the error message that Visual Studio 2010 gives.


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